My Rhetorical Analysis Of Cnn Student News Essay

856 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
CNN Student News The news segment that I chose to watch and write my rhetorical analysis paper is CNN Student News. This is a daily ten minute that is given by Carl Azuz, a news reporter for CNN, these daily news reports are designed for students in middle and high school. I believe that CNN and Carl Azuz use high energy tactics to keep viewers interested, they give news headlines teaching lessons, and a source of entertainment and are also very selective on the news that they provide. I believe that the strategies that Carl uses high energy tactics to keep students attention and keep them watching. Throughout the news broadcast Carl uses a very energetic tone to keep kids awake and interested. Each segment is also very limited in length to maximize the amount of news given in the short ten minute segment and also to keep the attention of students. Throughout the segment there is also music playing and lots of stuff moving and happening. This news segment is not strictly limited to students in high school and middle school but, it is provided for teachers to watch in classrooms of these students. It even says it in the title that the news is for students. There is also a segment during the news called “Roll Call” when students can submit their school for a chance to be on the news and have their school recognized. To be on this segment you must be enrolled in a middle or high school and must be at least thirteen years old. By doing this CNN is not necessarily limiting…

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