My Dream Of Earning Higher Education Essay examples

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Since it is not very long ago, a young refugee, living in a refugee camp for more than two decades of my life. I never have a big and many dreams because dreaming is not among the things that the refugees typically think about it. However, I have a dream to earn a higher education. Spending exiled life, there are several different factors that disrupt me to chase my dream of earning higher education. For example, financial difficulties, health problems, opportunity, and just a daily needs. Suddenly, a big change comes to me, when I got the opportunity to come United States in September 2011 with the help of the International Organization for Migration. My first place that I came to the United States is Syracuse New York. As I arrived in Syracuse I got an opportunity to go to school, and I start at Onondaga Community College for my higher education in spring 2012 and I graduated from Onondaga Community College in Spring 2014. After I graduate from Onondaga Community College, I attended Whitman School Of Management at Syracuse University for my Bachelors where I studied double major as Finance and Accounting. Now, this is my final term at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. I want to pursue a masters of Science in nursing at the University of Rochester because the masters program at the University of Rochester perfectly fits my dream of earning higher education and being a health professional. After my degree I want to serve in my own community,…

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