Mt. Everest Essay

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Mount Everest

Everest is the highest mountain in the world standing a stunning 8848m (29,028ft) above sea level. Interestingly, some claims have been made for other mountains having this honour. Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador, for example, is actually the furthest point on the surface of the Earth from its centre. This is due to the way the earth bulges at the equator, putting Chimborazo's peak at 6,384.4km from the middle of the globe1. However, Chimborazo only stands a titchy 2,168m high from sea level; this makes it not even the highest peak in the Andes and less than a quarter of the height of Everest.
Meanwhile, Mauna Kea in Hawaii is probably the tallest as it rises from the sea bed to its peak in one continuous slope to top out at
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* First to climb to summit: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on May 29, 1953. * Notable dates:
1921 — Dalai Lama allows British reconnaissance party to visit Tibet and the northern side of Mt. Everest.
1924 — British explorers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine disappear near the summit, along the Northeast Ridge. It is possible that they may have actually been the first to reach the summit, but they never returned.
1949 — Nepal opens its borders, making access to the mountain's southern peak possible.
1953 — Hillary and Norgay reach summit.
1963 — First Americans reach the summit.
1989 — First two women, both American, reach the summit.
1990 — Sir Edmund Hillary's son, Peter, reaches summit.
1996 — Eleven people die during spring expeditions.

Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary was born in the year 1919 and today he is on of the most famous mountain climber known to people. The reason for such fame is justified as he was the first person ever to reach the top of the mightiest mountain on the planet Earth i.e. Mount Everest.
He was part of a British expedition that came to the place to achieve to dream of conquering Mount Everest and Edmund Hillary made this dream come true along with Tenzing Norgay. They conquered the summit on 29 May 1953. After Mount Everest

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