Movie Analysis : The Film Cuts Essay

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The film cuts directly to shots that actively incorporate signifiers of chaos implied in the opening of the novel with a canted low angle of an open, black jeep riding down an empty city plaza, filled with at least a dozen young adults, some of whom are dressed in harlequin costumes and make up shouting joyfully. The characters spill out of the jeep and run down stairways, passing the oblivious pedestrians, breaking the silence of, presumably, the morning commute. The silence is re-established in the cut to a group of untidy older men who are exiting a homeless shelter and for a moment we hear only the diegetic sounds of the men’s slow footsteps, the rustling trees and the train passing overhead. Their movement into the street are a noticeable contrast to the joyful shouts previously shown. It is at this moment we are first introduced to the character of Thomas yet he is scarcely recognisable as the film’s protagonist as the camera does not stop at him. Instead, the camera cuts back to the wild motion of the young mimes and then back again to the older men who have their backs to the camera. The audience is further confused as to the relation the two groups have to one another until the other characters move away from Thomas who is leaned against the wall with a bag in his hand and we have a sense of him as a focused figure. Thomas runs down another rain soaked street and jumps into his Rolls Royce. Lino Miccichè suggests that the director purposefully avoids all focussing…

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