Essay on Modi Narendra Modi Has Become A Phenomenon

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Since the Indian general elections in May this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become a phenomenon. Indians appear to be enthralled by the political success of a former tea-seller and the international community intrigued by his phenomenal rise in a country otherwise known for sclerotic political leadership. Both domestically and internationally, he is on the roll. Modi’s rise may weaken the West dominated global order and contribute to the evolution of a more decentralized new order.

Modi’s visit to and agreements with Japan are a clear sign that India is eager to work towards a new world order. During his visit, the two countries signed agreements to expand cooperation in defense, nuclear power, and trade and investment sectors, with an eye on China, the largest economic and military power in Asia. Both countries, which have serious territorial disputes with China, are worried about Beijing’s increasing assertiveness with its neighbors.

Internationally, he has pulled off a feat of sorts. First, Modi invited all SAARC heads of government to participate in his inauguration as prime minister and they turned up at the ceremony. Afterward, Modi visited Bhutan and Nepal followed by Japan from where he has just returned home. Wherever he has visited, Modi has made a strong impression. By making Bhutan the first country to visit, he has won the hearts and minds of the people of that tiny kingdom. In Nepal, where India is often perceived as a bullying big brother, he…

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