Essay Mercury 's Surface Geology :

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Mercury 's Surface Geology: according to the information gathered by the probes sent to Mercury, this planet has a surface that resembles in some manner the surface of our Moon, with craters and maria as its most prominent features. Furthermore, there are other structures that, albeit not as common as impact craters, make up the surface of Mercury, such as vents - that are thought to be the source for magma-carved valleys on Mercury - and irregular depressions named "hollows", probably generated from the collapse of magmatic chambers.

Another interesting feature from Mercury is that it displays a high albedo, which is an absolute number (in a scale from 0 to 1, also written from 0% to 100%) used to indicate the reflective nature of a planetary surface. The high albedo in Mercury is indicative of the existence of water in the solid state, since the ice 's level of albedo ranks around 0.7, a number shared by some parts of the surface of Mercury.
Venus ' Atmosphere and Climate: being one of the most extreme differences between Venus and Earth, the atmosphere of our sister planet - and its reflex effects on Venus ' climate - is quite noteworthy. Two main characteristics determine the behaviour of Venus ' atmosphere, those being the atmospheric pressure and composition. The pressure exerted on the surface of Venus is equivalent to 90 times of the Earth 's surface, while the gas compounds that form the atmosphere (mainly carbon dioxide and nitrogen) allied with a highly…

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