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Earthquake Safety Checklist
FEMA 526 / August 2005


Important Numbers and Addresses
Your family may not be together when an earthquake strikes, so use the spaces below to record information that will help you communicate with one another. Remember, during the rst 24 hours following a major earthquake, use your telephone only in case of an emergency.
Police telephone Fire Department telephone Ambulance telephone ‘s work address

Call 911 for emergencies

Telephone/cell phone ‘s work address

Telephone/cell phone ‘s school

Telephone/cell phone School policy: ❏ Hold student ❏ Release student ‘s school

Telephone/cell phone School policy: ❏ Hold student ❏ Release student

Name and telephone/cell phone number of an
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Earthquake Safety Checklist

Have on Hand for Any Emergency – Ideas for Home, Workplace, and Car
Because you don’t know where you will be when an earthquake occurs, prepare a Disaster Supplies Kit for your home, workplace, and car.

❏ Water. Store at least 1 gallon of water per
person per day and be prepared for a 72-hour period. A normally active person needs at least ½ gallon of water daily just for drinking. In determining adequate quantities, take the following into account: • Individual needs vary depending on age, physical condition, activity, diet, and climate. • Children, nursing mothers, and ill people need more water. • Very hot temperatures can double the amount of water needed. • A medical emergency might require more water. It is recommended that you buy commercially bottled water. Keep bottled water in its original container and do not open it until you need to use it. Also, pay attention to the expiration or “use by” date. If you choose to prepare your own containers of water, you should buy air-tight, food-grade water storage containers from surplus or camping supply stores. Before lling the containers, clean them with dish washing soap and water, and rinse them completely so that there is no residual soap. Water stored in your own containers should be replaced about every 6 months. In addition to water, have puri cation tablets such as Halazone and Globaline, but be sure to read the label on the

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