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Definitions, Review Questions, Critical Thinking

Chapter 1: Natural Hazards
Geologic cycle: A group of interrelated sequences of Earth processes known as the hydrologic, rock, techtonic, biogeochemical cycles.
Mitigation: The avoidance of, lessening, or compensation for anticipated harmful effects of an action, especially with respect to the natural environment.
Land-use planning: The preparation of an overall master plan for future development of an area; the plan may recommend zoning restrictions and infrastructure both practical and appropriate for the community and its natural environment; based on mapping and classification of existing human activities and environmental conditions, including natural hazards.
Tectonic cycle: A
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Chapter 3: Earthquakes
Directivity: With respect to an earthquake, the increased intensity of shaking in the direction toward which a fault ruptures; observed in some moderate-to-large earthquakes.
Intensity: With respect to earthquakes, a measure of the effects of an earthquake at a specific place; measured as the effects on people and structures using the Modified Mercalli Scale or the direct measurement of ground motion by a sensitive seismograph; see Instrumental intensity. With respect to cyclones, the strength of the storm as indicated by sustained wind speeds and lowest atmospheric pressure
P wave: The fastest type of earthquake vibration within the body of Earth; also called a primary or compressional wave, this vibration oscillates in the direction that it travels.
Supershear: Amplification of seismic energy that occurs when earthquake rupture propagation along the fault plane exceeds the shear wave velocity.
5. How are active and potentially active faults defined?
15. How do plate boundary and intraplate earthquakes differ?
19. How can earthquakes be beneficial?
23. What is the difference between an earthquake prediction and a forecast?
Critical Thinking
2. You are considering buying a home on the California coast. You know that earthquakes are common in the area. What questions would you want to ask before purchasing the home?

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