Essay on Jean I Became The Famed Writer

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François-Marie Arouet, who eventually became the famed writer known as Voltaire, was born into a middle-class, Parisian family on November 21, 1694. He was born into a France plagued by extreme poverty and under the rule of the religious King Louis XIV and the “austere and oppressive religiosity” of his court, an involvement which likely encouraged Voltaire’s subsequent critiques of organized government. From the age of nine until his seventeenth year, François-Marie received his formal education at the Jesuit college of Louis-le-Grand, studying Latin and Greek literature instead of law, which his father urged him to study. Known for his “brilliant and sarcastic wit” both during and immediately following his school years, François-Marie unfortunately found himself imprisoned in the Bastille in 1718 for his scathing critiques of the duke of Orleans; it was during this detention that he composed his first dramatic tragedy, Oedipe, and adopted the aristocratic pen name of “de Voltaire.”
Claiming such a pseudonym implied that his view of himself had shifted from middle-class Parisian to a newfound status as a French aristocrat, which angered the French establishment. Unable to garner support from his friends in the French aristocracy, Voltaire was forced into exile in England from May 1726 until November 1728. During this time, Voltaire took note of such English institutions as English Parliament and their representative government, their religious tolerance of the Quakers…

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