Japan Earthquake Essay

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Yaoguang Yang
Julie Anderson-Manrique
English 101:Essay 1:Cause and Effect Essay. 9,Oct.2011
I .Introduction: A. Hook: Japan was hit by the most powerful earthquake in recorded history on March 11, 2011.
B. The center of the nine-magnitude earthquake was near the east coast of Japan, C. Thesis statement: The Earthquake in Japan, besides being a disaster, also caused other disasters, such as a tsunami and nuclear leaks.
II. Body: A. Earthquake B. Tsunami
1. The horrifying earthquake caused a tsunami unleashed;
2. Cities or towns are covered by the water. C. The Nuclear leak 1. Along with the destruction of the nuclear plants, the radiation has affected the whole global
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Two hours after the earthquake the government of Japan informed the public that there was an explosion at one of the nuclear plants. This announcement not only shocked Japanese people, but also caused the panic from people in the United States, China, and other countries. The explosion from the nuclear power plant caused some huge smoke radiation clouds, and those entire, thick and high radiation clouds moved with the current airflow toward the east across the Pacific Ocean, even passed to the United States. According to experts’ prediction, the radiation clouds would arrive on the west coast of the United States, which might include California and Washington (Sawer, Mendick and Goddard). In the United States, President Obama gave a speech mentioning that we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U. S. territories in the Pacific. That is the judgment of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many other experts. He also said that the radiation is safe and has the very little effect on the human body. He said this radiation is like taking an x-ray or riding a couple of times in an airplane. However, as I searched, the radiation can be divided into two types: one is radiation from the explosion, which means the radiation has huge harmful effects on human beings; Another one is radiation from radiation. It is just a small amount, and it is invisible. According to the

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