Japan And The East Coast Of Asia Essay

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Japan is located on the east coast of Asia that consists of over 6,852 islands with four main islands: Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku (“Japan’s Geography,” 2014). Almost 80% of Japan’s population lives on Honshu Island (“Where is Japan,” 2012). Japan is the sixty-second largest country based on the area measurement, and it is comparable to the state of California. It consists of a coastline, which is 29,751 kilometers in length without any land boundary (“Where is Japan,” 2014). The climate varies, with the dominant climates ranging from temperate to subtropical; it is possible for snow to be falling in Hokkaido Island and to have warm temperatures in Okinawa at the same time (Petry, 2003). As Japan lies in the Pacific ‘region of fire’, the country is highly prone to tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanoes; Japan has about 108 active volcanoes (“Where is Japan,” 2014). The following table summarizes information on the geography of Japan (“Where is Japan,” 2014).
Longitude Latitude Population Area
122 degree W
146 degree E 24 degree S
46 degree N 127,076, 183 374,834 km2 Land
3,091 km2 Water

2. Demographics: The demographic structure of the population consists of population density, religious associations, ethnicity, citizen health, economic status, and other characteristics of the population. When the population of Japan almost reached to128 million in 2009, the country became the tenth most occupied nation in the world (Japan, 2014). Japan also experienced net loss…

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