Is Hydroelectric Power The Force Of The Movement Of Water And Turning It Into Electricity?

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Hydroelectric power is harnessing the force of the movement of water and turning it into electricity. It has many positive advantages including it being a very good alternative to fossil fuels because it is a renewable resource. Primitive forms of it have been used for a very long time, starting back in ancient Greece which would use a water wheel to grind grain.1 This wheel would be placed on river and the turning of the wheel caused the kinetic energy that water possess into mechanical energy. It also has been used in saw mills to cut wood using this same principle. 1 In 1879 the 1st hydroelectric plant was founded using Niagara Falls in Canada and New York. The immense force that the water created was put onto turbines connected to generators, producing electricity.1 Today as much as 80% of the water that goes over the falls can be redirected to the plant, if there was no plant there would be over 5 times as much water going over the falls. Due to Niagara Falls working so effiecntly at producing electricity many man made dams were created so enough energy could be produced, but once fossil fuels were introduced hydroelectric power was put on the backburner due to fossil fuels being cheaper. After fossil fuels became so expensive hydropower started to be used again, but today only 3% of dams are used to create power in the US. Today it is the number 1 renewable energy used in the world.1

The plant is able to change the kinetic energy to mechanical energy then to…

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