Internet Filters At Ludington Schools Essay

761 Words Mar 16th, 2016 4 Pages
You 're given an assignment to do and go online to look it up, and all that pops up is blue screen after blue screen. Yes, that means that there are lots of inappropriate websites blocked, which I totally understand. But other than that there are useful, learning websites blocked too. I am not saying we should have no filtering at all, but I do think that if my science teacher asked me to look up the most recent earthquakes, or find information for my argumentative topic I should be able to go to a website and have it not be blocked. There is no doubt that the internet can be a dangerous place but there are far too many internet filters at Ludington Schools. My first reason is I find it agitating and annoying when I am given an online assignment to do and I can 't because the website is blocked. For an example in this very argumentative essay we must have an expert testimony on the topic so, I went to google and all the websites are blocked! If that doesn 't show how restricted our web use is, I don 't know what does! Another example is in my science class right now, we are studying and learning about earthquakes and tsunamis. Every day we have a "daily quiz." It is a simple question and everyday we have to go on our iPads to look-up information on the topic and put it into three sentences. One of our questions, "What earthquakes have happened lately?" Over 75% of my class could not get on multiple websites. I understand there are many risks on the Internet, but an…

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