Intercultural Communication Business Practices Of Italy Essay

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In business, communication is fundamental concept as it is a collaborative activity which helps goods and services to be created and exchanged through close coordination of individuals on the domestic and global scales. When it comes to the intercultural exchange of business activities, complex product characteristics or production schedules for example should be mutually understood and trading between partners should be negotiated taking into account differences in business communication (Hooker, 2008). Understanding of intercultural communication, hence, is the critically related to the business need which help to realize the ways in which the spoken and written word can be interpreted within the different business context. Applying intercultural communication business practices within the organization requires understanding of cultural values, social expectations and workplace practices in order to ensure the collaboration between people to be effective as well as coordination and management of people from different cultures. This paper aims to assess, compare and contrast the intercultural communication business practices of Italy.
How culture affects communications
In order to understand the various business practices of intercultural communication, it is useful to understand how culture affects communications. Thus, Ulijn and Amant (2000) speaks that when writing and negotiating with people from abroad, it requires certain level of cultural sensitivity or the knowledge…

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