Essay about Intercultural Communication And International Business

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Intercultural communication is an important facet of life one needs to learn and comprehend to be able to move forward through life as a global citizen when dealing in international business. Understanding the cultural contexts of oneself and others will broaden one’s experience. When dealing with a business globally its important to have set goals in understanding in the process within values, negotiations, business customs, etiquette and import systems used. It is important for people to communicate successfully and understand the complex dynamics in which communication takes place between cultures. The goal in this paper is to explain the benefits of intercultural communication and international business in Russia, breaking knowledge of the body in cultural etiquette.

The foundation of a culture is directly correlated with the way a society interacts interpersonally, interprets information, and pursues justice. Within the Russian culture, there are distinctive communication styles that can be linked to a much deeper level of rich history. Russia’s universal systems are quite complex than most countries. Before starting any business dealings with Russia or Russian companies, it is strongly advised that you do some serious research into the way in which business is executed in the country and gain a thorough understanding of Russian business culture and Russian business etiquette. When trying to bring services together internationally this can cause subnationalism to…

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