Induced Seismicity And Chemical Engineering Essays

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Induced Seismicity and Chemical Engineering As the world continues its rapid technological and societal expansions, dependency on energy sits at the forefront of global problems. Industry and leisure have both grown in complexity, requiring vast quantities of electrical and chemical energy. While chemical engineers have explored new avenues of energy, such as hydrogen cars and biofuel options, the populace remains fixed on the standbys of petroleum products. Because years of extraction have begun to deplete the most accessible stores of petroleum, new and sometimes more harmful methods of extraction have been developed. Chief among these practices include the massive injection of wastewater into the ground, which has been directly correlated to an increase in seismic activity and other environmental problems. Chemical engineers hold many jobs in this sector, implicating them in finding solutions to the quandary and elucidating more sustainable energy practices. After recent media attention from induced earthquakes, chemical engineers have been called to remedy problems in oil production while maintaining a search for new methods altogether. The source of man-made earthquakes arises from a deeper problem than the actual injection of wastewater in the ground; one must first consider why the water is unfit and why it cannot be treated. Despite common misconceptions, wastewater is a byproduct of all forms of drilling, including traditional, hydraulic fracturing, and enhanced…

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