Essay about Images And Images Of Images

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When talking about the rhetorical aspect of images, people are usually unaware of the potential power that a photograph has to convince someone. However, images such as those of veterans meeting their relatives in tears use emotional appeal to convince their viewers so those viewers are far more likely to agree with the message behind the photo. What makes those images so powerful? And why does it matter that those images have such power? While photographs may seem harmless, it can be used to trick us easily without us knowing.

Photographs have a powerful impact on how one sees and interpret the message that comes with an image. Whether we realize it or not, pictures can be well used to trick us. To demonstrate the power and effectiveness of photographs, think of the images of veterans meeting their relatives as mouse traps with cheese used by humans to attract rats into the traps. The humans in this case would represent the anti-war organizations that use those images to convince people through emotional appeal. The images are the traps and the emotional aspect of the picture is the cheese used to attract the viewers, which are the rats. In a sense, the anti-war organizations can use the effectiveness and powerful rhetorical aspects of the photographs to trick the viewers into supporting their stand using those emotional photographs.

In order to measure the extent to which those photographs are appealing and rhetorical, it is crucial to analyze every aspect of the…

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