Human Trafficking Related Knowledge, Awareness, And Attitudes Among Adolescent Females

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One of the biggest human rights violations that still happens today is slavery. One of the ways this human right is violated is by the use of humans for money or some other form of payment, this is also known as human trafficking and/or rape in some cases. It is human being’s passionate caring for others that tends to drive all the human rights. Human trafficking is an abuse of a human right because it has features of slavery, abuse and can go against people’s morals. With this, there may also be some solutions to help stop this torturous crime.

Shrestha, Roman, et al. "Sex Trafficking Related Knowledge, Awareness, And Attitudes Among Adolescent Female Students In Nepal: A Cross-Sectional Study." Plos ONE 10.7 (2015): 1-13. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 Mar. 2016. In Nepal, sex trafficking is a big issue with very little achievement. Even though there is a large percentage of people aware of this problem, nothing is being done about it. The article is more guided towards the people in Nepal or even the surrounding areas to try to get their support as well. In Nepal, large percentages of people have different opinion about this topic. The article states, “Seventy-six percent of sampled students reported that they were aware of sex trafficking and 94.6% indicated media (i.e., radio or television) as the primary sources of their knowledge. Fifty-one percent mentioned…

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