Essay about Homemade Food Is The Source Of Happiness

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Homemade Food
It might sound unusual to modern humans who really does not interested with homemade foods which may consumes time to prepare or to cook. Actually homemade foods are humanly attached to their culture, value, and respects: that creates harmony, peace, also creates fun among each other’s and help us to reunite the scattered friends and family. If the chain of cooking food at our own house continues from elders to their generations, then many ideas of preparations could flow from one generation to generation. The culture could be relentlessly difficult for the people those who haven’t cooked food for a long time. The meal preparation is not that difficult task if anybody pay attention for the first time while cooking. Meanwhile, it will help us to figure it out how it brings happiness, prosperity and remarkable moments in human life’s.
Food is the source of happiness. Actually happiness has no boundaries; sometimes it kisses the smit in self, sometimes it crosses the borderland, but I think happiness without the food is worthless. In the article, “first we feast”. Elizabeth said, “sense considering that the only place where the brain gets its building blocks is from the diet”. The statement is true because the billion dollars in front of a person could not able to make him happy unless he does not eat food not he would be talented. If food does not exist in this world we would not have existed as a human being. As we see the history, scientists or researchers…

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