Essay on Hinduism And The Ritual Of Meditation

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People see the world and go through life in different ways. Some may go to a church, some may go to a temple, and some just walk through life without worshipping or praising at all. This can be linked to their religion or philosophy that influences their walk of life. The factors that separate religions and philosophies are that a religion usually has a deity or deities that the followers worship, while philosophies are based on academic reasoning given by a teacher or teachers. For example, Hinduism has three main beings, known as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, while Buddhism has no deity that is worshipped, and Greco-Roman philosophy believes there is no such thing as a god. Each religion/philosophy has a set of rituals that are to be done that may be similar or different to other ways of life as well. For example, in both Hinduism and Buddhism the ritual of meditation was used. These religions/philosophies also spread throughout from where they had emerged and had influenced surrounding populations in the process. While Hinduism was popular in India, it had basically kicked out Buddhism. This sent the philosophy to China, where, it in fact, became popular. This, somewhat, marked the success or failure of the religion/philosophy as it walked itself into people 's lives. So it is obvious that no religion/philosophy are the same, but some characteristics of them may be similar. In the case of Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Greco-Roman philosophy, the fact if they are…

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