Essay on Haiti : The Country Of Haiti

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Six years ago, the country of Haiti was high by earthquake that killed thousands. The deaths occurred due to lack of infrastructure and warning of the earthquake and its 59 aftershocks. This occurred due to a transform movement between the Caribbean and North American plates ("Magnitude 7.0 - HAITI REGION", n.d.). If there had been more warning of this earthquake, potentially thousands of lives could have been saved. There are predictions based on historical earthquakes that can help scientists warn potentially affected areas, but there needs to be a better communication of this information to the citizens of Haiti. Since a majority of the deaths occurred due to building collapse, there should also be an influx of building codes and materials to be implemented to help prevent future damage and collapse. There is scientific evidence that if buildings are built with certain materials, the seismic waves will cause less damage. Haiti is in desperate need of aid after all this time because thousands were displaced by the earthquake because their homes and businesses collapsed. Even though six years have passed since the earthquake in 2010, Haiti is in need of scientific and humanitarian help in order to be prepared for future earthquakes. In order to predict and grasp what occurred in Haiti, it is very important to have knowledge of plate tectonics and how earthquakes occur. Plate tectonics theory is essentially that the earth made up of different plates that move and cause…

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