Graduation Speech : My Mom For My Personal Needs Essay

1229 Words Aug 30th, 2016 5 Pages
1. On 25th April, 2015, I didn’t just survive the 7.8 rector magnitude earthquake in Nepal but this earthquake boosted me to take chances. Growing up in Bhaktapur (a small city in Nepal), and living there for sixteen years, I saw same faces grew old. I don’t recall when I developed an interest to get out of the city, but I did intend to get out from my comfort zone. I depend on my mom for my personal needs. As a single parent, she used to be busy with her job and rarely took me out of the city. After graduating middle school, searching and transferring to a high school outside of the city turned out to be an opportunity to explore. Usually my mom used to accompany me while travelling. Unfortunately, she had to visit India during that month. At that time, I didn’t have internet and smart phone. I had handful of brochures with school’s address and list of free applications which I collected from an educational fair. During my visit in different school, I learn that I need to consider cost and travelling time while selecting a school. My overall experience from getting out of the city to selecting a high school led me to overcome my fear of being alone. It added a milestone to my maturity. After completing high school, I wished to travel even further. I started to search for colleges in the United States for my undergraduate studies. I found few affordable colleges. I attended University of Maine at Presque Isle prior to LaGuardia. This university was affordable and I…

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