Graduation Speech : A Magnitude Earthquake Hit Pakistan Essay

1110 Words Sep 28th, 2015 null Page
We had just got home late from my dad’s friday doctors social and I remember going to bed and calls started to come in from people we knew. My parents were frantic. The couldn’t believe what they had been told. I came down awoken from all of the commotion downstairs. I asked my brother what had happened. Zal replied, “A 7 magnitude earthquake hit Pakistan”. At that moment I didn’t really understand what had happened and my mom tucked me back into bed and told me I should rest. Waking up the next morning my parents were much more calm and I was told that none of our family members were hurt. My parents seemed to be much less stressed in the morning. The next few days my brother and my sister Zinnia decided to raise some money so we could send it to pakistan for the relief effort because we were being told about how their wasn’t enough funding for everyone to receive basic necessities since millions of people were now homeless. It was at that time in my life that my parents kept telling me to appreciate what I had, but it only struck me when I realised how unlucky some people are. We only are able to sincerely appreciate what we have when we see how unfortunate other people really are. The week after the earthquake I really wanted to help out the people affected by the earthquake because more and more reports kept coming in about how people didn’t have nay houses and the also had very little to no necessities. That week my siblings and I woke up early every morning to…

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