Essay on Glori An Interview Assignment

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When I first reviewed the interview assignment, it was frightening to know I was going to be an interviewer. Little did I know I would benefit from this assignment when I interviewed my mother in law Gloria Vigil. Gloria was born in San Luis, Mexico on Aug 20 1955. Gloria’s earliest memory is when she started her journey to America at age 21. Gloria’s family tree starts in Mexico but during the 1920’s her great grandparents moved to the United States in search for a better life and had Gloria’s mother. However, during the 1930’s when the Great Depression rose, so did unemployment for Hispanics. They were one of the first Mexican families who migrated back to Mexico. For Gloria’s younger sibling’s, her mother was able to get them citizenship. Gloria was already married so it was difficult for her to get her own. Gloria would apply for US citizenship but sadly it wouldn’t get approved. Gloria was alone in Mexico while her whole family was in America, including her husband who was working to support her and their one year old daughter. So when Gloria’s grandfather came to visit her in Mexico, he realized how devastated she was without her family. So Gloria’s grandfather made arrangements to meet up with Gloria’s mother in Laredo, MX where they would drive her into the United States illegally. Gloria was nervous because she was jeopardizing her safety by crossing illegally, but she knew it was for the best for her and her daughter. Gloria doesn 't really remember what was…

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