Global Crime Rates Essay

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Global Crime

“A more complicated problem in comparing crime rates across nations is that of nonstandardized definitions of crime.” (Dammer, 2010) Each country rates their crime a certain and different way. According to the Table 2.3 on page 27 in the book the three highest homicide rate countries are Venezuela, El Salvador and Jamaica. The three lowest homicide rates are Hong Kung, Japan, and Singapore.
Venezuela, El Salvador, and Jamaica have similar economic, social, educational and government that contribute to their high homicide rates. All three countries have high poverty, organized crime, slow economic growth, overcrowded prisons, and poor police. People in these countries usually do not continue their education due to the
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They all have strict laws, capital punishment, and execution. “Japan practices a kind of modified capitalism in which the government is highly evolved in industrial development and social warfare.” (Dammer, 2010) The government controls some of what people do, say, or watch on TV. All three countries have a good economy and their education is important. “We get the most promising students in each cohort to join public service. They are given scholarships and after college they join the Civil Service.” (GovMonitor, 2009). Citizens feel safe in their environment because of the authorities that are around. All three countries had good economic growth which has allowed for money to be given to employees. “Singapore has enjoyed spectacular economic growth since independence.” (Ministry of Trade and industry: economic development, 2011)
In conclusion, economics and education has a huge factor on crime and homicide. If economic growth is slow then business cannot afford to pay employees a lot. Therefore education is not an option. This is also the problem when police are not paid enough. I did not find evidence that demographics had a role in higher or lower homicide rates. This is probably because without economic growth and education and higher pay homicide will continue as well as other crime. Life becomes a fight for Survival.


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