Fracking : The Gas Production Essay

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Fracking is the process of drilling into the earth to release natural gas, in which its removed from shale deposits underground. As for natural gas, the United States is the leading producer in the world, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). They predict that the total U.S. gas production from 2012 and 2040 will increase 56 percent. Fracking is controversial because the fact that it has been used from an extensive amount of years and we don 't know whether it would take a huge shift on things towards how we function with products. People also say that “fracking is simply distracting energy firms and governments from investing in renewable sources of energy, and encouraging continued on fossil fuels,” coming from BBC news. The companies who make the machines to drill believe that fracking is a better way of getting energy to power and supply for our everyday lives. Then there 're the people who see the wrong in fracking because it is affecting their everyday lives. When it comes to the damage of the earth, earthquakes were reported to be found because of drilling in the earth. According to energy from, “seismic activity in England found that the combination of geological factors necessary to create a higher-than-normal seismic event was ‘extremely rare’ and such events would be limited to around magnitude 3 on the richter scale as a worst-case scenario”. Because of this, it is causing a concern to the general public and raising questions…

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