Foreign Policy Developments During Nepal Essay

1070 Words Apr 17th, 2016 null Page
A few deeply worrisome foreign policy developments have occurred in Nepal in recent months. Before the dust stirred by Prime Minister KP Oli 's visits to India and China has settled, the India-EU statement and Mohana Ansari 's statement have put Nepal into sharp and unflattering diplomatic focus. However, much of it is a storm in a teacup generated by partisan arm-chair generals.

Sure there are serious issues in which Prime Minister Oli should be held to account. For example, Oli has bragged big, but delivered little in the post-earthquake reconstruction, in bringing piped gas to your kitchen, and in phasing out river crossings on a single cable within two years. He deserves criticism for his failure.

But he has also accomplished a few things. For instance, he has eased the Indian economic embargo without compromising Nepal 's vital interests, the embargo that was imposed before he became prime minister. He has signed the transit treaty, and opened the door for greater connectivity, with China. He deserves credit for his success.

Strangely, that is not what you hear in the media or conversations. Some portray Oli as a spectacular success and others as an ignominious failure. Where has objectivity gone in Nepal?

More specifically, although the India-EU statement is unfortunate, it has been blown out of proportion. India, which has been facing minority revolts in Kashmir, West Bengal and elsewhere, should have resisted the temptation to display in the India-EU statement…

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