Fire and Fog Character Analysis Essay

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Fire and Fog Character Analysis

“Survivors aren't always the strongest; sometimes they're the smartest, but more often simply the luckiest” (Ryan, Carrie). In the book,” Fire and Fog,” by Dianne Day, she tells a story about San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Dianne Day explains how people suffer during and after the earthquake. Caroline Fremont Jones, 23 years old is one of the main characters who survive in the San Francisco earthquake and fire of, 1906. Fremont is an independent person, helpful citizen and a brave girl.
Fremont is an independent person who lives and works as a typist in San Francisco. Her father states, “My Dear Caroline stop glad you are safe stop imperative you quit your foolishness and come home stop will wire
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When Alice fell into the street right in front of Fremont, near the train station, Fremont took Alice’s with Mrs. Bartlett so she can cure Alice.
Fremont proves to be a brave girl because she never cares about the risks she has to take on her life. Fremont never loses her confidence and faces the earthquake and all problems, of being jobless and homeless. When the earthquake began Fremont landed on her bottom on the rug among sharp bits of mirror. She was more startled than hurt, her anatomy begin well protected by tick flannel nightgown. Fremont states “I lay frozen in fear. Then I rolled off the bed; I had begun to wriggle under it, crawling on my stomach, when a hand grabbed my injured ankle and yanked me out. The pain was excruciating, but I bit my lip and swallowed a yelp. No matter what happen, I was determined to be brave.”(pg.235). this shows how Fremont is a brave person, who does not care about the risks she has to go through to save her life. Fremont determined herself as a brave girl because has being through many things after the earthquake and also on her life.

In my conclusion, I think that Caroline Fremont Jones who is and independent person, helpful citizen and a brave girl that survive the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. She it’s going to be a very important woman, because she has learned a lot from that earthquake and everything she has going through. I also think that Fremont

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