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Los Angeles Los Angeles is located on an area of approximately 502 square miles. The city within itself is flat and hilly. However, it is located in a large coastal basin, surrounded on 3 sides by mountains over 10,000 feet high, Santa Monica Mountains on the East, San Gabriel Mountains on the North, and northeast of San Fernando Valley. The Los Angeles River begins in the Canoga River and runs east from the San Fernando Valley, turns by the north edge of the Sana Monica Mountains, and through the city center, to finally finish at the mouth of the port in Long Beach at the Pacific Ocean.
Southern California lies on the boundary of the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. At this boundary the plates are moving past one another
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Los Angeles is known for its “lights, camera, action” scene. For instance, Hollywood Blvd., Getty Center, Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith park, and TLC Chinese Theatre etc. amongst many more. This obviously helps out the economy a lot. Los Angeles ranks as the top manufacturing center in the United States. Producing even more jobs than Michigan. In addition to this, Los Angles is one of the largest metro economies in the world with a gross domestic product $700 million. The city also has a huge range of industries spanning from fashion to aerospace. Many of these industries generate over 640,000 jobs and more than $200 billion in sales.
Although, this may all seem sweet Los Angeles suffers from natural hazards. Earthquakes are said to happen very frequently in California, almost a daily occurrence. Most earthquakes though are so minor that many people don’t notice they have occurred. There is a 99% chance of an earthquake in the next 30 years that will reach at least 6.7 on the Richter scale. Earthquakes can be very costly for residents because not many purchase coverage for their homes at all. Even with HOA it is $500 per year or more to keep insurance to cover all possible damages.
Wildfires also pose a high risk in Los Angeles area. They can destroy forest and residential areas. Many wildfires occur because of brought, arsonist, lightning and other careless acts caused by people. Wildfires spread

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