Faults, Slips, And Earthquakes Essay

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Faults, Slips, and Earthquakes: OH MY! Natural disasters are just that, disasters. They can cause major damage to small areas, and even devastate entire continents. Most natural disasters can be predicted, but more often than not the degree of damage and devastation that they will cause is unknown until the time that they hit and change lives forever. These natural disasters come in the forms of tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. Earthquakes are some of the most dangerous natural disasters and strike at a moments notice. How exactly do earthquakes happen, and what locations are prime real-estate areas for earthquakes to occur? Movies have provided the public with an over exaggerated view of earthquakes as the random, violent shaking of the ground as people run away screaming for their lives as buildings crumble and the ground opening to show the Earths core as lava engulfs those unfortunate enough to fall into the cracks. Earthquakes, by real-life scientific standards are the release of energy by the earth when two sections of the Earth crust adjust relative to one another. Typically, earthquakes occur along faults, but not always. Some earthquakes can occur miles away from faults but the larger majority of earthquakes occur along the fault lines. Faults that occur away from tectonic plate boundaries are considered intraplate earthquakes. The Real Madrid Fault, for example, is a seismic zone that is 150 miles long. Dating has shown that the fault has had…

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