Extended Response Organ Transplants For A Heart Transplant Essay

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Extended Response-Organ Transplants
Part A
Heart transplants are only available to those who have end stage heart disease and have tried all other options. It can also only be obtained by someone who has an expected life of at least 5 years post-transplant and who can potentially return to an active life. Anyone who suffers from cardiogenic shock, intractable symptomatic heart failure which cannot be treated, requires permanent mechanical cardiac support, has frequent discharges from an AICD or suffers from intractable angina that cannot be cured and are 70 years old or younger are eligible for a heart transplant. (TSANZ, 2015)
Any patient who has a condition of which they have less than a 50% survival rate of 5 years post-transplant or cannot participate in active rehabilitation is not eligible for a heart transplant. If a person has a very virulent tumor or has an uncontrolled infection they and disallowed to receive a heart transplant. If the patient suffers from irreversible dysfunction of other organs (may be eligible for a combined organ transplant) or are unable to comply with medical treatment after transplant they are ineligible for a heart transplant. If a subject is morbidly obese, has complicated diabetes (Harkess, 2011) or is actively abusing substances (includes, alcohol, smoking and illegal drug use) they are also unable to receive a heart transplant. (TSANZ, 2015)
The order of importance that these criteria are in are:
1. End-stage heart disease e.g.:

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