Essay about Evil and Suffering Rs

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Evil and Suffering

Part A) 'Evil and suffering is the result of a malevolent God' discuss the problem of evil and suffering in light of this quote. (6 marks)

There are two different types of evil. Moral evil and natural evil. Moral evil is the result of human actions that are morally wrong. Examples are murder, war and cruelty. Richard Swinburn said 'Moral evil I understand as including all evil caused deliberately by humans negligently failing to do what they ought to do, and also the evil constituted by such deliberate actions or negligent failure'. Natural evil is not caused by humans, and it is the apparent malfunctioning of the natural world. Examples of this are volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, famines, and diseases. John Hick
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There have been many criticisms of Augustine's theodicy, including Friedrich Schleirmarcher (1768-1834) argued that it was a 'logical contradiction' to say that the perfect world created by God had gone wrong. If the world is perfect then how can it be wrong? It would imply that evil had come out of nothing. He said that if God was omnipotent and created a world which he had total power of, and was also omnibenevolent, then people would not use their freewill to hurt others, and angels and humans would be totally without fault. He argued these points in his book 'the christian faith'.
Another contradiction of the Augustine Theodicy is that if there is no understanding of good and evil in this perfect world, then why would people choose to disobey God? If there was no knowledge of bad, then people would not know how to disobey God. The fact that they do disobey God means that there must be knowledge of good and evil already present. God's love may be the cause for this. God's love involves having a loving relationship with humans and humanity, but genuine love is having both sides have the ability to choose wether to love or reject each other. God cannot blame humans if they do reject his love. Peter Cole wrote 'without freedom we could not share in God's goodness by freely loving him. Nevertheless, the creation of free creatures involved in the risk that persons would misuse their freedom and reject the

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