Essay about Environmental Psychology Article Analysis

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Environmental Psychology Article Analysis
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Environmental Psychology Article Analysis Environmental psychology does not just study how man affects his environment but also how the environment and natural occurrences affect man. The continual cause and affect cycle from both sides of the equation give purpose to environmental psychology as well as incorporating other disciplines. Unlike many disciplines that have a single focus, the focus of environmental psychology covers many areas of concerns. It incorporates other fields of psychology along with medical and scientific fields. The recent natural disasters of Japan will advance knowledge and theories in environmental psychology. This paper is a summary
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“The lab experiments Dr. Osman has conducted show that even when a situation is unpredictable and seems to be spiraling out of control, and when people are encouraged to believe they have control over the situation, they tend to be better able to exert control” ("Psychological Impact," 2011, p. 2). She wraps up her explanation by elaborating on the importance of goals in situations like these. Goals are one of the best ways to regain control over a situation. When individuals work to achieve goals it reduces insecurities and assists in the interpretation process of what has happened. Her lab work also implies that mankind does not always make the best decisions during traumatic times but rather overreacts to massive change. She believes being “steadfast” is the best way to overcome any challenge. Influence on Environmental Psychology As a budding psychologist I can see a multitude of benefits for several fields of psychology inside of the tragic events that took place in Japan this year, which lend their knowledge to environmental psychology. As stated in the introduction environmental psychology is the study of how humans and the environment affect one another. The earthquake, Tsunami, and nuclear crisis that Japan is recovering from will provide insight and solid evidence about how natural disasters

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