Earthquakes And Volcanoes Are Generally Caused By One Thing Essay

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Earthquakes and volcanoes are generally caused by one thing; plate tectonics. All three will be discussed in detail. This paper will describe how they affect each other. This is a very interesting topic because it is so hard to predict. Plate tectonics are interesting in the way they work. This is the constant moving and shifting of the earth’s crust which is divided into segments called plates. They are about the same size as a continent and vary in size as the continents do. Each plate also has various landforms, mountains, valleys, and things like that. The plates move due to the various currents of the earth’s mantle. This is called convection currents which is the constant circling of the earth’s magma. This causes three types of faults: divergent, convergent, and transform. A divergent fault pulls the plate apart. A convergent fault run the parts of the plate into each other and crash. A transform fault means that the parts of the plate slide past each other.
Earthquakes occur along all of the faults, but most commonly along the transform faults. For example, San Francisco is located along a transform fault. San Francisco is poorly placed and this does not bode well for its future. Chile and Haiti are also on transform faults. This makes it very dangerous for the people.
Plate tectonics make earthquakes because of the constant shifting of plates. A great example of this is the Ring of Fire. The Pacific Plate is constantly colliding with several…

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