Earthquake of 1906 Essay

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The Economic Disaster of a 7.8+ Earthquake on
The San Francisco Bay Area

Christina Sotelo
Geology 6 – Jefferis- Nilsen
November 21, 2012
Over the many decades the economic standing of the United States, specifically California, had fluctuated due to many unforeseen factors. One huge factor that cannot be anticipated, and often causes drastic effects on the economy, are geologic disasters. The state of California is notorious for having earthquakes that shake up the state quite often and leave the affected area with a substantial amount of damage. The 1906 earthquake of San Francisco was the largest geologic disaster known to the nation at the time it occured. Destroying about 80% of the city, this earthquake also caused an enormous
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This fault makes up about 1300 km of boundary between the two plates and runs through California’s coastal region for about 800 miles. The San Andreas Fault line extends from the Mendocino Triple Junction in Northern California, all the way down to Salton Sea in Southern California. According to the California Geology textbook, by Deborah R. Harden, since 1812 California has had four big earthquakes along the San Andreas, all reaching over 6.9 and at a maximum of 8.0 in magnitude. On April 18, 1906 the San Andreas Fault intensely made its presence by causing a 7.8-8.0 magnitude earthquake to the city of San Francisco. During this time San Francisco was a booming city for all people. Living off the wealth of the gold rush, the city was the ninth biggest in the nation with a staggering 400,000+ people living within the city. It became a city rich in culture and led the West of the United States in financial endeavors and trade markets. At precisely 5:12am a foreshock occurred that was felt throughout the San Francisco Bay area and lasted for about 20 to 25 seconds, then came the big shake. Lasting about 45-60 seconds the earthquake was felt from southern Oregon to the south of Los Angeles and inland to central Nevada. Surrounding cities like Santa Rosa and San Jose also suffered severe damages from the quake, including the permanent shift of the Salinas River of about 6 miles south. Within moments of the earthquake the shock

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