Disaster Preparedness For Public Housing Essay

2513 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
Introduction This paper will review the disaster preparedness for public housing in Homeland security. Disasters happen all the time, but it comes down to if you are prepared for what is to come, and after the disaster. Through the research it was found that a lot of communities, especially poorer communities like the housing projects are not at all prepared for disasters. A recent policy just got passed that has communities coming together to learn about disasters, and how to be prepared for them. They have these non-profit organizations going into different communities, and teaching people about how to be prepared for disasters. A good example, of this is when public schools will have a fire drill test, or a tornado warning test. They do this so all the students, teachers, and faculty know what to do when that certain situation comes up. When you are prepared a lot less mistakes, and panic are less likely to happen. Furthermore, Homeland security is more than prepared to answer any questions from there website. When looking at their website there is so many choices to choose from that a person may need help with. This is also proven helpful for people who are living in the projects just need help with understanding what steps they should take.

Statement of the problem The problem at hand seems to be that government agencies are not prepared for disaster preparedness. In addition, not being able to have a good plan, enough funds, or full preparation for what…

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