Differences Between American And Nepalese Culture Essay example

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Culture basically means the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. The meaning of family is different from place to place because of their culture. One definition of family cannot describe family from everywhere. Like in China children are raised apart from their father and mother, but still count themselves a family. Today’s modern family is different from the traditional one where grandparents raise their grandchildren; there are lots of families like adoptive families, foster families. Nepali family structure is different in comparison to family structure in America. As no two cultures are same, America and Nepal have two different cultures. There certainly are some similarities between the American and Nepalese culture but many differences. America features a diverse western culture whereas, Nepal has less diverse Eastern culture. culture teaches people to adjust among others, to accept differences and to still live in harmony. American culture is individual based and Nepalese culture are family based. In Nepal, People prefer to stay in joint family. They try not to move out and stay with their parents. They see their future along with their family in Nepal. While in USA, first they move out for their collage and after collage they look for their job, then they get married and make their own family. After a child is 18, neither is the family concerned about the child, nor is…

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