Definition of Boundaries in Project Management Essay

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According to Kerzner “the first step in making project management work must be a complete definition of the boundaries across which the project manager must interact”. Critically examine this statement.
(From: Kerzner, H. (2009). Project Management:a systems approach to planning, scheduling and control. (10th ed.) New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons. p. 381.)

In discussing this question I will first define the key terms in the statement provided for discussion as a means of building the main premise of my essay. It is necessary to define some of the key terms which will facilitate the critical examination of the statement.
Kerzner (Kerzner, 2009) defines project management as the planning, organising, directing and
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In order for this the project plan should be divided into phases with clear demarcations or milestones defining where one phase ends and another starts. (Mention the phases initiation/ implementation/ and close of project . Also mention review and evaluation of each at each phase of the project)
The project plan is the most effective tool that the project managers use in the execution of their roles as a result the clarification of the service specifications as well as the time, budget(or cost to the organisation) and resources available to the project manager enables the PM to establish the boundaries within which they operate to achieve project success.
The clarification of the project boundaries enables the PM to gain and retain control of the project and thereby enables the PM to manage the project to its successful end (Morris, 2008)
As a result project plans that are based on a proper definition of project boundaries will enable the PM to respond proactively to issues that may arise during the lifetime of the project.
Well defined boundaries will facilitate the development of a planned scheduling of project tasks based on prioritisation and logical sequencing. For example in a marketing campaign project, a good plan would ensure that the advertising is only started after a market research is carried out to determine the advertising style that the target group will most likely

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