Csr Activities of 5 Companies Essay

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Infosys Technologies Limited
Infosys is actively involved in various community development programs. Promoted by Infosys Technologies Limited, the Foundation began its work in Karnataka, India, gradually extending its activities to the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa and Punjab. It has successfully implemented projects in four key focus areas such as health care, social rehabilitation and rural upliftment, learning and education, art and culture.
The Education and Research Department (E&R) at Infosys works with employee volunteers on community development projects. Infosys employees actively participate in the welfare of the local community. Their Development Centers (DCs) in India make a difference through
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Sustainable Development Society (SUNDESH) is the mission of ensuring overall socio-economic development of the rural & urban poor on a sustainable basis, through different participatory and need-based initiatives. It aims to reach out to the weaker and more vulnerable sections - such as women and children, illiterate and unemployed of the society.

Dabur in Nepal has started the project on medicinal plants to provide the modern technology for cultivation of the required medicinal herbs of Himalayas to the farmers. This is the only eco-friendly project of CSR nature in Nepal, this initiative is fully integrated with the company’s business vision.
A state-of-the-art Greenhouse facility has been set up at Banepa, which has the capability to produce 5-6 million saplings of medicinal plants per annum. Besides helping preserve natural resources, this initiative has also gone a long way in generating employment and income for local people and improving the socio-economic conditions of local populace in the Himalayan Kingdom.
A beginning has been made but there still miles to go before the huge disparity is bridged and a better future delivered to both the rural and urban poor.
Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF)
The Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Hyundai Motor India Limited, further reiterated its’ commitment to Tamil Nadu by launching fresh initiatives. HMIF launched two new programs” Project Go Green” and “Adoption of Model Villages”. These two programs

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