Community Health Essay

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Community Health and Population-Focused Nursing

Joanna Carreon

Western Governors University

The town of Colma is located in San Mateo County within the state of California. Colma was established on August 5, 1924. It has an elevation of 100 feet above sea level, and measures 1.91 square miles.

Population Economic Status Assessment

The Population Economic Status Assessment tool assisted in obtaining statistical facts about the population of this community. According to the US Census Bureau, Colma has a population size of 1,837, which includes 848 males and 989 females. The percentage of High School graduates or higher is 86.3%. The average household income is $88,438. The
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Primary language spoken in this community is Spanish, while 30% of the population speaks English. The age at which a minor is considered an adult is 18. At this age, the individual is able to make medical decisions, vote, and buy cigarettes. Genetic risks in this community include obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular, asthma, and cancer. Physical risks to health include substance abuse, STD, violence, infectious disease, births, and poor oral hygiene. Catholic religious practices and beliefs are incorporated in hospitals by providing priests to pray and distribute the Eucharist. A few hospitals also have a chapel on-site that provides mass services. This community believes in minimizing wastes by recycling and composting.

Disaster Planning Tool

The Disaster Planning tool helped gather information on implementations placed in the event of a natural disaster. All ages and all ethnic backgrounds are affected by disasters, including floods, earthquakes and fires. Injuries can span from fractures, to burns, and to drowning. The community is proactive in disaster preparedness by offering training classes, checklists, and sandbags for winter storms. Colma also encourages its residents to be certified in CPR and first aid. The community operates on a Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), and has an Emergencies Operation Center (EOC) located in the local police department. There are nearby medical facilities in the

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