Colossians 's ' Colossians ' Essay

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Colossians may be one of Paul’s shorter letters, but that does not mean that it does it is lacking in validity to every Christians life. Colossians is a book that tackles how to deal with false teachings, heresy, and the supremacy of Christ, among other things. The troubled Colossians needed the prophetic word of Paul to help them fully understand Christ, God’s will, and how to discern that. The author of Colossians was the apostle Paul. This is one of the many letters that Paul wrote while his was imprisoned in Rome. Scholars believe that Colossians was written around approximately 61 A.D. The church that Colossians was in the Phrygian city of Colossae. The country Phrygia was located in Asia Minor and was one of the places Paul visited during one of his mission trips. The city of Colossae was located in the Lycus river Valley and was directly next to the Lycus River. Colossae also had a major highway for the country of Phrygia going right through it. Colossae also had to major cities near it: Laodicea, to the North West, and Hierapolis, to the north. The city of Colossae was about 100 miles away from Ephesians as well. Some believe that the letter was written specifically to the church at Colossae, but sometime between 60 and 62 A.D., there was a major earthquake that hit the Lycus Valley could have caused heavy damage to any of the three cities in the immediate area. If Colossae was heavily damaged then there would not have been a church there to send a letter to, but…

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