Essay on Citizen Of A Third World Country

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Citizen of a Third World Country

In the world today people living in developed countries will see commercials or hear advertisements about people in third world countries living in poverty. They begin to think about how sad it is, then within the next ten minutes they forget all about it. People only know a small portion of what it is like to live in a third world country. Unless one has traveled abroad, they do not know about any other way of living other than their daily routines. Those in third world countries only have one thing on their minds for their daily routine, which is to keep their family and themselves alive. Haiti is one of the many third world countries that have this problem. They live every day not knowing where their next meal is coming from, or if they will even get the chance to eat that day. Due to their health issues, education levels, natural disasters, and their survival obstacles, Haiti lives in poverty, where millions of people are struggling to survive every day.
Many third world countries, like first world countries, have access to natural resources. Haiti, for example, is one of those countries. The little natural resources that they do have include their water system. In Haiti about 40% of the locals there lack access of clean water (“Haiti”). They have the resources; they just do not know an easy way to get to it. They also do not have the proper tools to get the clean water from one place to another without having to…

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