Essay about Candide Background Information

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Time Period:
Enlightenment: 18th century France and England
A.K.A. the age of reason climate of inquiry

Lessening Control of the Church
The Protestant Reformation- Martin Luther
The Printing Press
Scientific Developments
The New World (America!)

Philosophies of the Time
Rene Descartes (math)- humans, by reason alone, can discover universal truths
Sir Isaac Newton- Mechanical science. All truth found in nature, rejection of supernatural religion. Emphasis is placed on principles of deduction (1687)
The clockmaker God; God made the world, then he let it alone, no divine intervention
1) Founder= Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz: German mathematician and scientist.
World is organized to a
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Voltaire did not accept this. He wrote Candide to illustrate what he perceived as the stupidity of this type of optimism. He wrote the whole novel in three days at the age of 65.

Techniques in Candide
Voltaire intends for Candide to be a satirical parody. He makes it a parody on the popular novel, and he attacks nearly everything and everybody. It deals with the problem of evil, both natural and man made.
The satire is used to mock optimism

Candide Background

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