Essay on Barrier for Women Development

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An Essay on: Barrier for Women Development in Nepal
Nepal's total population is 26,494,504. Out of this 51.5 percent is Women. In Nepal, like other developing countries, the state of women is not satisfactory. In Nepal, patriarchal society and system provide very little scope for the female to assert their identity. According to the census of 2011, 75.1% male are literate whereas only 57.4% female are literate. Female are marginalized from economic and social opportunities due to illiteracy, poverty and conservative social taboos. The present status of women is said to be strong than the past but it is only limited to raise voice about female’s issue and problem of practical life. The status of women is the same as it used to be in the
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These and so many others factors have contributed to turn Nepal a lower human development state. Nepal is a country of great geographic, cultural, ethnic, religious diversity. Across the diversity, the majority of communities in Nepal are patriarchal. A woman’s life is strongly influenced by her father, husband and son. Such patriarchal practices are further reinforced by the legal system. Marriage has a great importance in women’s life. The event of marriage determines the way of her life. The early marriage generally depreciates the woman’s life. A woman’s power to accept or reject marriage partner is evidently an index of the degree of freedom she exercises in the management of her own life and thus also of her status. The status of women is determined by the patriarchal social system, values and women’s right preserved and protected by the state policy for the development of women.
Empirical data have proved that situation of Nepalese women is too severe to compare with men. Woman’s situation is very poor in health, education, participation, income generation, self-confidence, decision-making, access to policy making and human rights. The insurgency for more than 10 years between the state and the rebel has further widened this gap. The health status of Nepal’s people is one of the lowest in the South Asian region and this is particularly true for females. Nepal is one of the countries of the world where life

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