Analyzing The News Coverage Of The Hurricane Katrina And 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

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The study aims to analyze the news coverage of the Hurricane Katrina and 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in the New York Times and China Daily to discuss how media portray natural disasters. This chapter is going to evaluate the methods adopted in this study in the following parts: first, it will provide the basic information of qualitative and quantitive content analysis methodology. Second, it outlines the research sample including the chosen specific time period of news coverage and the sample size of each newspaper. In the end, it will explain the research process including the coding procedure as well as the data collection process.

2. Research Methods

As Stange (2006) defines, combining quantitative and qualitative methods can generate and enrich new information and involve ‘either concurrent or sequential use of these two classes of methods to follow a line of inquiry’ (p. 292). Even Jick (1979) in a long time ago noted that qualitative and quantitative approaches ought to be seen as complementary rather than independent means. Therefore, a combination of quantitative and qualitative content analysis methodology is adopted in this study to find out how did the New York Times and China Daily report natural disasters as well as their differences and similarities of representations. As a matter of fact, content analysis appeared frequently in previous studies of natural disasters and the media. Such as Stomberg (2012) who uses content analysis to study the 2011…

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