America 's Notorious Crime Rate Essay

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America’s infamous crime rate, internationally recognized as among the worst in the world, particularly in regard to crime per population of a westernized, industrial economy disgraces the United States at home and abroad. As of 2014, America has top ten status in terms of “rape, gun crime, violent crime, violent rape [legally considered as a part of assault], robberies, utilization of opiates, assault, etc.” (Nationmaster 1). Exact figures depend on the country, as most categories achieve a percentage in terms of amount of crime per population, usually considered in millions of people, in the United States’ case “27.3, 88.8, 4.7, 84,767 [number of people violently raped in that year with the rapist convicted], 146.4, .57%, and 786.7”, exactly sequential of the aforementioned crimes (Nationmaster 1). Many critics relish the idea that adopting the same policies as other individualist nations such as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Norther Ireland, Australia, and France will punch devastating holes into the fabric American crime. However, very few cultural sociologists ever opt to look at collectivist nations to resolve pre-existing national woes of America. The factor presents itself as cultural differentiation, but the exact difference in culture has a great deal of potential exaltation in order to fix American crime rates across the board.
Before defaulting to explanation of precisely which collectivist values Americans should adopt to deal with crime, necessity of…

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