America 's Crime Rate Is Not Only The Lives Of Those Who Are Incarcerated

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Links This article makes me think about how those in charge of the prison system control not only the lives of those who are incarcerated, but also those who must believe that people are being put in prison for good reasons. By giving people solutions to their problems, such as economic hardship, the prison industrial complex convinces people that they are out to help society and do what is right for everyone.

The Prison Trap. This article was written by Sullivan and published in the journal “America.”

Overview America’s crime rate has sharply dropped in the past twenty five years but has maintained an all time high for the number of prisoners for ten years. A study by the National Research council says this is because people are behind bars for longer periods of time. The benefits for those involved in the criminal justice system outweigh those for the general public by a large margin. Shortcuts such as cutting education, rehabilitation, and medical bills allow prisons to grow larger while increasing recidivism rates. Attempts for prisoners to better themselves after getting out of prison are severely hindered by the felony status placed upon them. Private prisons have also donated $45 million to lobbying in the past ten years.

Application The details given by this article support my idea of prisons being largely for the benefit of those running them instead of for society. Those in charge of private prisons have given a large sum of money, $45 million, to…

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