America Is Economically Very Competitive And It 's Hard For Bhutanese

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America is economically very competitive and it’s hard for Bhutanese to find jobs for regular basis. English is the second language so it becomes another barrier for Bhutanese to find jobs in a new country. Beside being a land of opportunities, the USA is also land of challenges. Bhutanese face challenges mainly in communication and education, employments, cultural differences, integration in American society and economic needs of an American. Any immigrants face not only employment and communication problems, but also emotional and cultural shocks. According to the census, there are 19,000 American Bhutanese decent who was forced to leave Bhutan during the 90s and settle in Nepal for 20 years, then moved to the United States of America.
Sixteen suicides among U.S resettled Bhutanese refugees were reported to the office of Refugee Resettlement during February 2009-2012. Different psychological problem occurs at each stage of the resettlement process and being symptoms of anxiety, depression, and psychological pain as factors significantly associated with having every expressed suicidal indexation. For example, being unable to find the work and increased family conflicts. And some people have heritage, belief of not touching the alcohols or meat so, if those people have to work at restaurants they will have anxiety. Most of the parents were uneducated so speaking few words of English will give them stress everyday. Bhutanese parents were farmer back to Bhutan or Nepal, and…

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