A Remote Regions Of Nepal Essay

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From the isolated communities in Alaska to the remote regions of Nepal, aids-dependent villages in Africa to the magnificent airports in the Middle East and the emerging fascinating concepts of Aerotropolis; the airport’s role in today’s society is as essential as it is luxurious.
It is fast dropping the typical definition of transporting people from point A to B but bringing life to areas where other means of transportation have proved inexistent or insufficient, exposing the potential of growing regions, boosting economic development in established ones and eclipsing the mind in other societies. Its necessity cuts across different sectors from healthcare, media, tourism, insurance, banking, agriculture, construction, law; the list is extensive.
Quick emergency medical services and evacuations have been made possible due to the availability of an airport, injured persons can be airlifted out when a specialist is required and vital organs can be flown-in in the nick of time to save a life. From business travelers to leisure travelers flying in and out for vacation, airports have and still play a crucial role in the economy and in the tourism industry.

The impacts an airport exacts are immense, and numerous research have been done into its classification. One of such is Hakfoort et al. (2001) publication “Europe 's airports Economic impact – the theory and the practice” which classified the typical impact that an airport has into four categories – direct, indirect,…

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