A Brief Note On The Country Of Nepal Essay

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Until Today It was close to seven pm and also time for sun set. May 15th when I get born from “Radhika Khanal” In a small village of Nepal is called “Syastrie”. I was born at home not in the hospital. Syastrie is not that develop than other city of Nepal. I have not seen television, radio and self-phone any of those while I was there. Most of the Nepalese (people from Nepal) dependent of agriculture same as my family. Every single day my mom wake up early than we then she walk for 30 minutes to fill up water in big pot that made by steel. After that she get done everything done whatever she need to get done that morning. My mom was always busy so most of the time my grand mom and granddad take care me during the day. I was stay home and play until I get five years old with my little goat and buffalo and little chicken that we have at my home. When I turn five years old I get admission in school which was more than one kilometer far from my home. You cannot believe that I was walk almost one hour to get my school when I was five years old. I get really tired after get back from school. We don’t have electricity at that time so I have to use little candle to do my assignment.

I did complete fifth grade from Riverside higher secondary school where I learn little bit English also. In Nepal, still have two kind of education system one is private which is more expensive and another is public which is…

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